the show

120 sqm of space
40 sqm of LED screens
11 ranges of products
5 markets

all black!

because the opposite of light is darkness, contrasting the power of the screens, enhancing their colours and transforming space into an immersive environment

the show is a showroom conceived as an experiential laboratory to engage, educate and inform. designed to accommodate a plethora of events dedicated to the world of LED screens

it has different facets, as different as the markets it represents: sporty, elegant, scenic, museum, urban, corporate

the embossed rubber floor takes you into a sporty, urban environment, the wall captions evoke museums, the window stands for retail market, the curtains and the limelights drum up expectations for the next event…

the floor signage is a graphic token that emphasizes the multidisciplinary nature of the project, and helps your discern the various pixel pitches and therefore the minimum distance from which you can best appreciate the screens on display

this is a space where visual content is created with the aim of telling a story along the exhibition itinerary;


Videomobile_Beta Cavi_Listing

Welcome to The Show with Beta Cavi 

15 September 2023

Welcome to The Show - Videomobile at Fuorisalone2021

Save the date
5 - 10 September
h. 10.00 - 20.00

05 September 2021

Video mobile + M-Cube to the conquest of Design

Never as in this historical moment do we believe in sharing and in the power of common strength. This is why we decided to participate in the September Design Week with the inauguration of our showroom. A unique space with large LED screens ready to ...
28 July 2021