mechanical design and manufacturing

between craftsmanship and industry

videomobile has an internal department capable of designing and manufacturing all the metal structures necessary for indoor and outdoor LED screens: support structures, cabinets, modifications to pre-formed cabinets, custom cabinets, 45 ° cuts all in-house

tailor made service

we have all the tools to offer customized and turnkey creative projects by collaborating with visual, product and exhibit designers who support us in the design of products, fittings and installations.
A feature that makes the difference and distinguishes us.

sale of LED screens

experience and specialization

videomobile has always marketed only LED screens, our team of experts is made up of professionals who have up to 30 years of experience in the sector, some of us started our careers when large screens were not yet based on LED technology, we have grown with the evolution of the product, so it is easy for us to guide our customers in the best choice.

VAD Value Added Distributor

we are VAD (Value Added Distributor) and we enter into agreements with the best manufacturers of LED screens.
We have the knowledge of all the existing products on the market and we take care of scouting and selection of the best products to market, our product managers and our procurement take care of researching new products, selecting the right ones and contacting the producers to obtain the best prices.

system integrator
digital out of home
key account

our distribution channels

  1. we support system integrators to whom we supply LED screens or complex turnkey projects.
  2. rental, audio / video rental companies and events
  3. direct sales, Digital Out Of Home, large formats, where the design and installation part is very important and certain skills are required. designing with LED screens often has to do with architecture and engineering where weights and measures are considered and we have to do with physics.
  4. key account, special projects worldwide.
certifications and guarantees

we offer all the guarantees with respect to the regulations, the products we market are certified and in compliance with the law.


survey and inspection
small and large screens
anywhere. in your world

before accepting the order we carry out a survey followed by a rough project, once accepted we move on to the design which involves an inspection with specialized personnel.
upon order, a team with a structural engineer is sent to carry out the surveys, any coring and issue the necessary certificates, our installations are all certified.

we are able to install any solution, from small indoor screens or tickers for supermarkets only 12 cm high up to 500sqm screens installed on the facade or roof of a building.

we install everywhere in the world. China, Malaysia, the United States are just a few countries, we are anywhere in your world as our claim states, we have partners in Italy and abroad, this allows you to avoid large staff movements by reducing costs.


rapid technical assistance
639 / 5000 Risultati della traduzione

our technical assistance laboratories are able to guarantee the repair of products quickly.
the procedure for receiving assistance is very simple, you can contact us at the dedicated telephone number or by entering the reserved area below, simply open a support ticket, one of our technicians will come out, check and repair if necessary. with the standard warranty, if they are manufacturing damage, you will only pay for the intervention and not for the spare parts.


return material, our products are covered by a guarantee at our specialized laboratories.
to facilitate the repair process the defective parts must be sent through the RMA (return material) procedure
by activating the dedicated button below.

on-site maintenance

service contract
preventive maintenance
on-site warranty

we offer different types of assistance contracts depending on the customer's needs:
preventive maintenance contract with periodic checks and any interventions included.
on-site warranty, provides coverage for spare parts and technical intervention where the customer pays an annual lump sum.
the procedure is very simple, just activate the button below and open an assistance request ticket.

repurchase of material

upgrade your LED screens

if for some reason you want to replace your LED screen, we will buy it back for you, giving you the opportunity to update your LED screens with ever more performing screens.