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videomobile_installazioni_schermi led_corporate_aereoporto linate

Sergio Mattarella live on our LED screen

The President of the Italian Republic Sergio Mattarella live on our LED screen.
We are proud to be at the Milan Linate airport for the inauguration of its new boarding area.
In the background, on our LED screens, the sobering words of the President,
"When this emergency will be behind us, it will be good if we do not forget it.
It will be good if we keep it mind and understand what happened, and learn perhaps what our actions should be.
This is a teaching that we should cultivate, we should remember, we should put to use."
Sergio Mattarella, President of the Italian Republic
08 June 2021
videomobile_installazioni_schermi led_totem_dooh_oohposter

OOH Poster new entry in our line up! 

#OOHPoster is a #totem for the #DOOH market watch the video #poster #outdoor #advertising #media
04 May 2021
videomobile_installazioni_dooh_steel pool cantieri_01

installation of the week

client: steel pool cantieri - arredo quattro bologna
market: dooh
LED type: outdoor
pixel pitch: 5.9
size: 3x6.5 m
surface area: 19.50 sqm
16 June 2021