Integrated System Europe - ISE2022

21 April 2022
Hola Barcelona! Welcome into the Metaverse

It is a tribute to the city that hosts us.
The “H” shaped entrance portal like “HOLA” welcomes visitors to enter another dimension.
The space has two levels of immersion and represents duality: open/closed, real/virtual, inside/outside and indicates the two types of indoor and outdoor products.
Fashion, design, art industry are all exploring the Metaverse dimension.
It is a stimulus to conceive retail spaces look more like art installations.
The curatorial choice of contents is designed with the intention of establishing new business relationships with the aim of opening up to new markets.
This is demonstrated by the series of photographic and video shots done in Barcelona, sponsored by the Catalan Tourist Board.
A series of mandalas represent the most abstract and artistic soul which with the NFT series of digital art works are one of the new markets that the company is exploring, the art market.
It is also a tribute to architecture and to the great Catalan architect Ricardo Bofill, recently passed away, with the screening of a film about his life and works.