Programmable led sign

Videmobile programmable led sign for outdoor and indoor use

A programmable led sign is a led sign that can be programmed by the user with his messages: Videmobile offers models both for outdoor and indoor use, but also for windows front.

Indoor programmable led signs, which can be changed any time the users want, represent the ideal brightness lever for viewing indoors, even if they are not recommended for use in a window since they are not bright enough. One of their most interesting characteristics can be identified in the economical aspect: indoor led signs are more convenient than window front models. On the other hand, these ones are characterized by an extra-bright lamp style thanks to which leds can be viewed also in direct sunlight: this means that a window front programmable led sign can be put in a front window and viewed from outdoors.

Finally, there are outdoor programmable led signs, which are inexpensive and lightweight at the same time: they are used when industrial outdoor signs are not recommended because of their dimensions. As it can be imagined, pricing for the products are different depending on a lot of factors, such as the number of leds which compose the sign, the number of colors and brightness.

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