Programmable led controller

Choose a programmable led controller guaranteed by Videomobile

Videomobile offers to its potential customers the opportunity of choosing a programmable led controller which is characterized by an excellent technology that guarantees a long lasting and the best performances which can be imagined.

This solution is highly efficient since it allows to control and drive leds in a very simple way: a programmable product which is appreciated by those who use it thanks to its total adaptability to the most different needs of users and to the led design. The programmable led controller automatically applies the voltage and the current that are required once the desired output power has been selected: obviously design changes can be required and obtained with no difficulties.

The high standards of quality that are guaranteed by Videomobile can be seen in any of big screens and solutions in led technology the company puts at users’ disposal: led control includes power control, adaptive current control and constant current, that is to say that every aspect can be monitored in the simplest way. Power, voltage and current can be programmed in order to choose the best visual impact to any project. Every exigency of customization is satisfied with colorful, bright and personalized lights.

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