Product Details

  • Brand: LIGHTKING
  • Model number: EA2525
  • Applicable environment: Outdoor
  • Pixle pitch: 25mm
  • Brightness: 8000cd/m2
  • Colors: 16.7M
  • Cabinet size: 1500×500mm×84mm
  • Out Lamp Strip display Series 

    New trend for outdoor advertising
    The outdoor mesh display comes in a slim and lightweight cabinet with only two detachable backbones. In this way, it offers more flexibility and significantly shortens installation and alignment time, and dramatically reduces weight.

    Unique cost-reducing design 
    The outdoor mesh display's unique design eliminates the need for a custom-calibrated secondary steel structure which is required for conventional module-based LED screens. Built on self-supporting and scalable cabinets, it is directly fastened onto the main attachment points, which significantly cuts the cost of installation and the steel structure.

    Easy install
    A limited set of components allows you to build modular cabinets of any size, with each module measuring 120 by 90 centimeter (W*H). Measuring less than 90mm in depth and fully made of aluminum, the slim and lightweight mesh display can be hung to any wall and internal components and cables can easily be accessed from the front as well as the back, without tools.

    Key benefits
       Lowest weight, only 9kg/pc

       Minimum installation costs
       No precision supporting steel required
       Easy front and back access

Unit ModuleNO.EA2525
Pixel pitch25 mm
Size of pixelDIP
Size of block module


Resolution of module




Module power


CabinetCabinet materialAlu cabinet
Size of cabinet(l*h*t)1500mmx500mmx84mm
Weight of cabinet8,7KG
Support hanging or not


Main ParameterBest viewing distance>25 m
Best viewing angle140°
Max power consumption<560W/m²
Gray scale16bits
Color temperature6500K
Control methodSynchronization
Driving deviceConstant current


Driving method

Static scanning

Frame frequency


Refresh frequency




Working voltageAC220V/110V±10%
Working temperature-20°C~50°C±10%
Out-of control point<0.0001
Brightness Control256 grade
IP gradeIP65
Life span100,000Hours

As the figure shows, you can connect nearly all the video devices with your LED display. Video processor is a kind of devices that can convert the other video signal to DVI signal.

And then the DVI signal will goes to the LED sender, and send from the CAT5 to the display.

For the further use, you can use the vidoe device like switcher, scaler and video matrix with our LED display.

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