Outdoor led display boards

Outdoor led display boards by Videomobile!

Outdoor led display boards that are supplied by Videomobile are projected and built in order to satisfy the most exigent customers as regards high standards of quality in accordance with the technological advancement and the changing trends in the field.
The range of products of the catalogue is very wide, and it is known for its capability of meeting every kind of demand coming from business promotion and industries.

Outdoor led display boards are designed and manufactured to play various video signals: they are realized with the best components so that they can guarantee an excellent colour reproduction, an appreciable contrast and stunning brightness. As it can be imagined, outdoor led display boards, which are very easy to install, consume low levels of energy and are waterproof, that is to say they can withstand rain, snow and all the other weather conditions, as well as the direct sunlight.

The available pixel pitch options are various: that is why customers can find everything they are looking for. Vibrant and bright images can be delivered also when there is direct sunlight: besides, screens of any size can be create thanks to the flexibility that characterizes the module format of each of the led screens.

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