Led video wall rental

Led video wall rental by Videomobile!

Led video wall rental is one of the services that are offered by Videomobile, which gives to its customers the chance to use solutions that are projected and created to make excellent impact at different events. Wherever they are installed, video walls are able to grab the attention of people and can be arranged in order to suit anyone’s specifications.

Monitors can be configured to act as one or act independently: in the first case the result is a maximization of the size of the images, while in the second case users have much more opportunities to communicate a lot of information. By choosing led video wall rental with Videomobile, customers are sure of satisfy their exigencies, since display panels can be installed and arranged to achieve every desired effect.

Videomobile offers led video wall rental to organizers of exhibits and trade shows, to people who operate in television industry and to many other kinds of customers. LCD screens are stacked together so that one seamless image can be shown as well as separate images on each panel. One of the most important characteristics of these solutions is that video wall displays can connect to a lot of sources, from DVD to laptops.

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