led screens for advertising

Videomobile’s led screens for advertising: easy to install and to maintain

Led screens for advertising are one of the most interesting solutions that are provided by Videomobile: they are designed and build utilizing the best led components, so that they are able to offer the highest standards of quality as regards colour reproduction and contrast.

Stunning brightness is another important characteristic of these products, that are available with a lot of pixel pitch options in order to satisfy every kind of need. As it can be imagined, led screens for advertising with small pixel pitch (that is to say, the distance from one pixel to another) offer a high resolution and allow the viewers to stand close to them. Anyway, screens of various size can be created, with the highest flexibility that can be imagined, thanks to the module format which allows users to have a lot of options.

Videomobile’s led screens for advertising are easy to install and to maintain, and this is why they can last long: their potential applications are various, from museums to bus stations, but also in shopping centers and for live events. They can be used both outdoor and indoor: in the first case, obviously, they can withstand all weather conditions with no problem.

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