Led backdrop screen

Led backdrop screen is the best solution to attract attention!

Videmobile provides its customers with a large range of led backdrop screens that can be chosen in order to exploit creative solutions of communication. Reliability is one of the most interesting peculiarities of these products, that are able to create unforgettable and unique experience thanks to technology and vision.

Every space can be transformed into a digital world, both outdoor and indoor. Videomobile’s catalogue includes light weight panels, modular inter-panel locks and sturdy clamps: every led backdrop screen is easy to use and guarantees a quick installation, making it simple to communicate and promote activities. A led backdrop screen, then, is a fundamental tool for dynamic and unique events: Videomobile’s solutions are able to follow the industry’s evolution and the production technology’s development, so that different creative needs can be satisfied.

Creative configurations, led screens and displays are designed and realized for musical events, concerts, tv sets and many more contexts. Creative freedom becomes important to captivating visuals, and the highest standards of quality of all the products represent the best satisfaction for customers. A led backdrop screen is the best solution for those who want to attract attention, target impulse buyers or increase curb appeal.

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