Advertising display screens

Advertising display screens by Videomobile!

Advertising display screens that are part of Videomobile catalogue can be used for a lot of solutions, such as digital signage applications. From car showrooms to hotels, from cafes to restaurants, from museums to beauty salons, from health clubs to retail stores, from bars to changing rooms, there are many potential uses for these solutions, that prove to be very important for visitor attractions, too.

New levels of performance can be experimented with advertising display screens by Videomobile, that are appreciated for the high level of quality they guarantee and the excellent flexibility that characterizes them. The range of solutions is very wide, so that many different needs can be satisfied: retrofit infrared touch frames, ready-made professional grade screens, touch glass overlays and capacitive touch foils are just few of the many products that customers can choose.

These screens can be utilized in retail, in business, in public transport or in education: they are projected and realized to last long and to be both interactive and responsive. Besides, they guarantee an excellent image quality. These low cost screens are practical and economical: they are available with a lot of options in order to suit different digital requirements.

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