Product Details

  • Brand: LIGHTKING
  • Model number: Sgr-1.5
  • Applicable environment: Indoor
  • Pixle pitch: 1.5mm
  • Pixel configuration: 1R1G1B
  • Brightness:800-1000cd/m²
  • Colors: >16.7M
  • Cabinet size: 400mm×300mm×75mm

 P1.5 high density LED display is the product which Lightking designed for the advertising media with the concenpt of "no compromise to the cost ,to be perfect and to produce precisly.It has the feature of high quality,high accuracy,high reliablity and easy installatin or maintaince and so on .At the same time ,it integrated the following technological advantages:the maintainable of LED display front side,standardlize installation,high precision combination and silent operation.
   1.The material of the cabinet is completely aluminiun,processed by CNC,the precision isguaranteed,the height of the cabinet is only about 4KG and installation and uninstallation is quite easy.
   2.The cabinet is well designed,can realise both big and small size display,with the location holedesigned perfect,the cabinet can joint without gap.
   3.Both the power source and receiving card are designed inside the cabinet ,the design is elegancebecause of the handle locate right above the cabinet.
   4.The cabinet and module are firmly fixed by the magnet,so it's quite convenient to update andmaintain.
   5.High density--the pixel upto 409600 dots/m²;High refresh frequency--the picture is clear and vivid,it has been widely applied at advertising promotion and evening performance.

Unit ModuleNO.Sgr-1.5
Pixel pitch1.5mm
Size of pixelSMD1010(3 in1)
Pixel configuration1R1PG1B
Size of block module


Resolution of module




Module power


CabinetCabinet materialAlu cabinet
Size of cabinet(l*h*t)400mmx300mmx75mm
Weight of cabinet5,5KG
Support hanging or not


Main ParameterBest viewing distance>1,5 m
Best viewing angle160°
Max power consumption<750W/m²
Gray scale16bits
Color temperature6500K
Control methodSynchronization
Driving deviceConstant current
Driving method


Frame frequency


Refresh frequency




Working voltageAC220V/110V±10%
Working temperature-20°C~50°C±10%
Out-of control point<0.0001
Brightness Control256 grade
IP gradeIP43
Life span100,000Hours

As the figure shows, you can connect nearly all the video devices with your LED display. Video processor is a kind of devices that can convert the other video signal to DVI signal.

And then the DVI signal will goes to the LED sender, and send from the CAT5 to the display.

For the further use, you can use the vidoe device like switcher, scaler and video matrix with our LED display.

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